Monday, July 8, 2013

6:1 in the Faroe Islands (Kaksvik / Torshavn, Faroe Islands)

A lot has happened since my last post.  Most significantly my parents have come to visit, my assistant left, and my new assistant is yet to join the ship.  My assistant was supposed to join the ship the same time as my parents, June 30th.  Unfortunately there have been some issues with her paperwork and she has not been allowed to join.  The current plan is for her to join on July 12th in Barcelona. 

Without an assistant it is a one man show in the print shop.  Between print shop duties (answering phones, reading emails, gathering supplies, fixing printers, filling print orders, billing, paper work, etc.), running, and spending time with my parents, I have been quite busy.  None the less it has been good.  In the meantime, however, my blog has suffered a bit. 

Last time I posted something we were leaving Iceland.  From Iceland we sailed south to the Faroe Islands.  If there is one way to describe the Faroe Islands is "sheepy".  Why sheepy?  Because there are so many sheep of course.  They are on pretty much every hill/mountain side.  According to Andy Nissley, the ratio of sheep to people is six-to-one.  I am not sure if this is the ratio for the Faroe Islands as a whole or just Torshavn.  Regardless of these details I can tell you one thing, it is a very believable statistic!

Another cool thing about the Faroe Islands is that they are quite mountainous and hilly.  Many of the mountains and hills, however, are separated by bodies of water.  As a result, a runner can hit a lot of dead ends in a place like the Faroe Islands.  Nonetheless I still had a really nice time running through the hills and valleys…even if I did feel a bit trapped at times.  Enjoy the pictures…they are all from Klaksvik.  We also visited Torshavn, but I forgot to take my camera with me when I left for my run. 

Do you think they will make me shave before boarding the ship?

Ashley Miller, I found flowers that weren't covered with snow!
This sun set around 10:30pm...but it still wasn't really dark.
The ratio might be 5.99:1 now.  What can I say?...I like to eat meat.
Lounging on a mountainside around 12:30am.  With this much daylight why not run all night?

I'm still not sure what this sign means.  The other side was the same symbol but without the red line.  No farming?