Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Loss For Words

Today's endeavors in Tenerife pose a bit of a challenge for me to write about.  Not because they were boring or un-eventful, for they were anything but.  The challenge stems from the fact that what happened is difficult to find words for.  

Much like any other day I stepped off the ship and began my run.  Exactly where I would go I knew not, but I soon found myself on a narrow road that wound upward through a valley of mountains.  The further I got the more serene and quiet it became.  Eventually I stumbled upon a trail that veered off into the mountains.  After speaking with a German couple just getting off the trail I left the road and climbed towards the top.  What I was climbing I knew not.  One thing, however, was for certain.  It was a stunning landscape.  


The trail and its surrounding landscape was so unique that it is kind of hard to describe.  Most of it was rocky,  some of it was wet and muddy, and every part of it was a joy to run.  The many cacti growing on the sides and the various buildings clinging to the mountains were also a nice touch.  Upon reaching the top I was greeted with a lush green landscape and a breathtaking view. 

Despite the extreme serenity I was not the only one at the top.  There were a couple of mountain bikers riding what looked to be like some fantastic trails.  It was fun seeing the mountain bikers and exchanging a few words of Spanish (high school spanish class finally came in handy!).  

The return trip was also very enjoyable and of course, I stopped to buy fruit (oranges and kiwis) on my way back to the ship.  Once on board I ran the twelve flights of stairs to deck thirteen and enjoyed my fruit while gazing at the mountains.  All in all it was an incredible day, and to think that it only cost me approximately two Euros!  Now it's on to Gran Canaria!


  1. Despite the fact that it is difficult to explain, I am glad you are sharing your thoughts. It is great to get even a tiny glimpse of your experiences. Grandma and Pop Pop are thrilled to read of your adventures!

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