Sunday, November 4, 2012

Food for Thought

    Several weeks ago, before starting my new job with Ryan Edwards Communications, I spoke of writing a blog.  Typically I am not one for producing such literary works of my life, but I thought that given the circumstances of my job now would be a good time to do so.  It is my desire that this blog will help people to catch a glimpse of some of the things that I am learning and experiencing as I travel the World.   Hopefully this blog will be entertaining, informative, and fun to read.  Should I fail, I may just come across as one of those tweeters on twitter tweeting every little thing that pops into their head.  Comedian Ray Romano says it is this twitter phenomena that I makes it harder to tell who the crazy people are.  For example, there was once a time when most people ate a blueberry bagel with cream cheese and did not feel the need to broadcast such news to the rest of the World.  In those days we would have thought such a person to be crazy.  In the social media crazed world of today, however, spouting off that you had a great workout at the gym and a tasty cheeseburger afterwards is practically the norm.  So hears to hoping that this blog is about a bit more than what I ate for breakfast.  With that said, food is likely to be mentioned at some point in this blog.  After all, food is an important part of life.  As my Grandfather says, "If you can't eat, you might as well be dead."  Bon a petit (it still kind of cracks me up when the waiters on the ship say that to me)!

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  1. Several days ago i came across a link to your #NIKEfail blog post and tucked it away for future reading. Today I finally read it, and then read your JFK report, and then just kept skimming through the rest of your posts until I got to the end. That was fun. Regarding your most recent one about Le Templiers, I appreciated that you mention racing to glorify God. Keep relying on Him for your talent and I think that will allow your use of it to glorify Him always. Which is simple inspiration for someone like me. It's always fun to read interviews and watch videos about runners I admire, of course, but perhaps even more meaningful is reading a more personal side of things, like your posts here. Keep them coming now and then. Thanks, Zach.