Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gran Canaria

Today we landed on the shores of Gran Canaria.  Like all of the other islands we've visited in the past few days, Gran Canaria is situated off the coast of Africa's Northwest corner.  The unique thing about Gran Canaria is that it is home to the World's second largest "city beach".  Hence, after finishing up some work in the print shop, I exited the ship and ran to the beach. 

After a short jaunt along the sandy shoreline, I headed for the hills.  I soon found a paved path that wound up the side of a large hill / small mountain overlooking the city.  While running up the path I passed one other runner who was on his way down.  Upon reaching the top I snapped a
few pictures and then began my descent.  Before
too long I was back on board the ship.  

Although today's run was not as intense as the previous three, it was still quite nice.  I really enjoy getting to see different parts of the World and having the chance to experiencing something unique in each place.  Some things take your breath away and others just catch you off guard.  Take today for instance, when I was running down the beach and all of a sudden it became very clear that my t-shirt and running shorts were far from being the least amount of clothing being worn on the beach.  I guess life is just full of all sorts of surprises and sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh it off.  Tomorrow we will spend the day at sea as we travel to Lisbon.  Who knows what adventures Lisbon might have in store!

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