Thursday, March 14, 2013

And the Winner is...Akaroa, New Zealand!

Although I realize that I have been making an attempt to keep my posts in order, today's port demands that I diverge for a bit.  At least to give you a sneak peak that is.  Today we ported in Akaroa, New Zealand.  Akaroa is located on the south island and according to Wikipedia it has a population of 567 people (2006 census).  Having spent the day in Akaroa I can honestly say that so far Akaro has been the best port on the World Tour.  And by best I mean hands down, flat out, the BEST...nothing else comes close!  I will probably write another post to give you more details but for now here is a sneak peak...take a look and see if you agree!

When you step off the ship and this is the the first thing you see you pretty much know it's gonna be a great day.

This side of the mountain was like The Sound of Music...the hills are alive (with sheep)!

Making my way to the top...

They views were spectacular!

I started way down there near the water.

If the First Side of the Mountain was The Sound of Music, the Second Side was The Jungle Book!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Zach - Thanks for snapping pictures to give us a glimpse of all that you are seeing!! I was thinking that playing catchup with your blog is great but this break in the chronological format was a fun way to catch a glimpse of your experience today and it definitely reflected your enthusiasm and excitement! Thanks for taking the time to share - I have a better idea of what you are currently doing and I also have some great new pics to use on my desktop!