Saturday, March 9, 2013

Southampton, UK: The Official Start, A Paper Delivery Mishap, and a Jammed Photosensitive Drum

The Journey Begins...
To all those who are somehow still following this blog, sorry for the long hiatus.  Over the past few months I have seen and done a lot of different things.  Unfortunately, updating my blog has not been on my list of activities.  Nonetheless I am back!  Although it may take some time, I am going to try and fill you in on what you have missed.  And because I would like to keep things in order I am going to start from the beginning.  Hence, today's post will summarize the departure from Southampton.

What do you Mean this was Supposed to go to Port Kelang?
Southampton, which is a city not too far from London, serves as the home port for Queen Mary 2.  Hence, it is this city that marks the official starting point of the World Voyage.  More importantly, however, Southampton is where I load the majority of supplies needed in the print shop.    As you may have guessed there were just a few things that I needed to pick up in preparation for the World Voyage.  And by a few things I mean a TON of paper, quite a bit of toner, and a fair amount of printer parts.  All such things are what I need to keep my print shop running as we sail all over the World, far away from any sort of printing supply store.

Looks Like Fun, Doesn't it?
As my boss wondered about the ship in Southampton he made a rather important discovery.  Unfortunately, I received a bit more paper than I was supposed to.  Somehow the people shipping the paper loaded a few extra pallets on the ship.  These pallets, which were supposed to be received later on in the World Voyage, were now on board weather I wanted them or not.  Fortunately, me and the provisions guys were able to find a place for everything.  Please note, however, that I said that we found a place for everything, not that we found ample space for everything.  In fact, you may or may not have to turn sideways to walk through my storage cage.

Let's Hope I Remember How to Put this all Back Together
Having sorted out the loading issues, you would like to think that everything would be smooth sailing.  Unfortunately this could not be further from the truth.  In fact, not far into the voyage the photosensitive drum on my black and white printer got jammed.  As a result I spent many hours in the print shop trying to figure out how to unjam the drum.  Although I was able to contact my boss via telephone and email, the job still was not easy.  Eventually I resorted to dismantling the printer to try to free the drum.  Although I like taking things apart, it is not quite as much fun when you are working with very expensive and sensitive equipment that NEEDS to go back together CORRECTLY and function PROPERLY when you are finished.  Fortunately, I was able to free the drum and get the printer up and running again.

Paper, paper, and more Paper...and my Friend Bernard (way in the back).
As stressful as these sorts of problems may sound (and are), in some way I do enjoy them.  Even though I prefer that things run smoothly, a problem such as a jammed drum provides me with an excellent opportunity to develop my problem solving and trouble shooting skills.  Furthermore, it makes excellent use of my grit and determination.  Not only do the problems make use of such traits, but they also leave me with a great sense of accomplishment when solved.

Enough talk of the print shop woes though.  We will be in port soon enough and that will supply me with a whole new set of adventures…preferably ones that don't involve broken printers.

"An adventure starts when something goes wrong" - ?

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